Why do we choose ceiling fan lamps for home decoration?

          In this modern society, with the concept such as healthy, energy-saving, environmental protection goes deeper ceaselessly, people have diversiform choices on household decoration. For example, on the choice of lamps and lanterns, ceiling fan lamp is walking into our life gradually. Install a fan light in the home, not only economy, but also with double functions of lighting and ventilation, and have decoration effect at the same time. But how about ceiling fan lights exactly? Let’s make a detailed analysis:rustic ceiling fan
1. Ceiling fan light is the perfect union of fan and lamps, perfectly solved the problem that ceiling fan and lamps cannot install at the same time. Fan and lamp can be used at the same time or independently. In addition, decorative ceiling fans have many styles, which can satisfy different home styles.
2. In hot summer, people like to turn on the air conditioner, whether at home or in the office. But for a long time in the indoor use air conditioner, due to the indoor sealed, air stagnant, easy to make people feel uncomfortable, especially for children, pregnant women, the elderly and other people with weak physique, they are easy to suffer from air conditioning disease. And if people frequently go into the door and out the door, due to the large temperature difference, people are easy to catch a cold. If we use a ceiling fan, it not only can bring breeze for us, but also can breathe fresh air, it’s more healthy and natural.Chandelier ceiling fan
3. As the trend of global warming, and environmental protection and energy saving, air-conditioning this kind of power-hungry appliance is increasingly restricted use. The power consumption of a air conditioner is equivalent to 20 ceiling fans, when the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, the fan is completely can reach the effect of cooling, and within all kinds of the fans (table fan, floor fan, ceiling fans, etc.), ceiling fan’s air flow is largest under the same power generated, so the United States have recommended the energy-efficient appliances, such as ceiling fans. After testing, the use of fan light in air-conditioned rooms can save 20% – 35% energy.
4. The Unielek fan ceiling lamp use the motor which is made of high quality silicon steel sheet and advanced suspension balanced shock absorption system, which is easy to install, stable and noiseless.
5. Generally speaking,fan lamp has the forward and reverse running function, suitable for all seasons. When forwarding,the air is down delivered ,cool and pleasant; when reversing, the air is up delivered  and improved the air circuit, let people away from air-conditioning disease,enjoy natural wind.
So why don’t you choose a fan light for your home decoration?

Post time: Oct-16-2019