What size ceiling fan downrod do your need?

Ceiling fan downrod is a metal rod that connects the motor housing to the mounting hardware, stabilizing the ceiling fan and reducing the potential for wobbling. The other is to maintain a safe distance from the fan blade to the ceiling and fan blade to the ground, and then get the optimal airflow. If the fan is too low to the ground, it is dangerous; If the fan is installed too high, you can’t get the optimal airflow, and affect the appearance. So choosing a suitable downrod is very important.

For safety reasons, the distance from the ceiling to the fan blade should not be less than 8-10 inches, and the distance from the fan blade to the ground should not be less than 7 feet. If you have a ceiling that is lower than eight feet, it is recommended that you use a flush mount ceiling fan– one that attaches directly to the ceiling, and is often called a hugger fan. Since these fans do not have a downrod and sit very close to the ceiling they provide the maximum safety distance between floor and fan.

 So how to choose a suitable downrod, please see the below chart:

Downrod Length Chart

Post time: Sep-04-2020