Two major conditions for the installation of fan lamps

       With more and more people pursue visual enjoyment, fan lamps with their exquisite appearance and gorgeous design, gradually began to become popular in all over the world. More and more consumers have shown their love for fan lamps.

         However, the installation of fan lamps needs to have certain conditions, and cannot be installed at will. Before installing the fan lamp, you need to have a certain understanding of the installation site and see if the installation site can meet the installation conditions of the fan lamp.UNI-236-1 patio ceiling fan

1. The height of the house is not less than 2.6 meters

If the height of the house is less than 2.6 meters, it is necessary to remove the down rod of the fan lamp and use the installation method of the ceiling lamp. If the height of the room is higher than 3 meters, you need to lengthen the down rod of the fan lamp. Otherwise, even if you stand under the fan, it will not cool down. Here, fan lamp manufacturers recommend that if the height of the room is less than 2.6 meters. It is best not to install fan lights because it will make the room feel crowded and depressed. The most important thing is that there are safety risks.

2. You can’t install fan lights if the ceiling without keel.

The fan lamp is a combination of the lamp and the fan, and the load bearing requirements are very high. The general load-bearing is within 30 kilograms, which requires that the ceiling must be the keel ceiling. If it is a gypsum board, the effect of tolerance is not good and it cannot bear 30 kilograms. Therefore, when installing a fan lamp, it must be a keel ceiling to be installed. If there is no keel on the ceiling, the tolerance is too small and there is a hidden danger. Therefore, before installing the fan lamp, it is recommended that everyone understand what the structure of the ceiling of their home, and how much the load is to avoid safety problems.

Post time: Nov-06-2019