How to select the right place to hang a ceiling fan?

When you buy a ceiling fan, the next important thing is to choose a suitable place to install the fan.The right location ensures your safety as well as the fan’s performance and efficiency. When selecting an installation site, please consider the following factors:

1. The best distance between the fan and the floor is 8-9 feet, and ceiling fans can provide optimal airflow.风扇平面图-1

2. The distance between ceiling fan blades and the floor cannot be less than 7 feet. If you are installing a fan on a high or sloped ceiling, you may need a longer downrod to maintain blade clearance.风扇平面图-2

3. The distance between the ceiling and ceiling fan blades cannot be less than 8-10 inches.风扇平面图-3

4. The distance between the fan blades and the nearby object cannot be less than 18 inches, such as walls, cabinets,doors and so on.风扇平面图-4

Post time: Aug-24-2020