How to choose a suitable ceiling fan for you?

Picking the right fan, however, can be a daunting task, but as a ceiling fan manufacturer, we are more than happy to help with. So, how to choose a suitable ceiling fan for you?

1. First, what style of fan do you want? The style you choose must match your use case. There are numerous styles of ceiling fan lights, such as ancient Rome, ancient Greece, Mediterranean, European style, Chinese style,modern style,simple style and so on. When choosing ceiling fan lamps, you should choose according to the decoration style of the room, try to choose ceiling fan light that are complementary to the room decoration style, and do not choose ceiling fan with different styles. After installation, it will look more abrupt.Dining room ceiling fan

2. The practicability of the function; whether to bring lights and the number of lights depends on whether it is necessary to illuminate. Of course, ceiling fan with light will be more beautiful. Regarding speed regulation, it is generally pulled by a bead chain. If it is inconvenient, you can install a remote control or wall control. Some remote controls and sleep timer functions are suitable for night use.

3. Suitable fan size: If you have a small room, a short-bladed fan is better, because it leaves enough room to channel air downwards. A large diameter fan in a small room will not channel the air downwards, due to limited space.small ceiling fan


4. Number of fan blades:Customers often ask about the difference between three, four, and five bladed fans. Here is how they are different three bladed fans give off choppy air, while five bladed fans provide soft and natural air.

In terms of the wind generated, all options give off the same amount of wind; however, while the former generates strong and focused gusts, the latter allows you to feel calm and at peace. It all depends on what you need.

5. Performance test; when purchasing lamps, you can ask the merchant to try to run for a period of time, and listen carefully to the sound of the fan motor, if the sound is relatively even, it means that the product is good; Adjust to the highest level to see if there is noise, if there is no noise, you can choose.

Of course, determining what type of ceiling fan you should add to your room of choice can seem like a surprisingly complex decision when you are first starting out.except above factors, you also need to consider the dimension of your room, airflow,CFM, their materials of fans,and more.

Additional, before making the purchase, the most important thing is your budget. But you dont worry, Unielek ceiling fans come in a number of colours, from white to grey and dark brown, to silver and bronze. That is why they are suitable for all spaces and concepts. The designs are also modern and minimalistic, with long or short form blades for your choose.

Finally, hope you can choose a suitable ceiling fan for your home.


Post time: Dec-26-2019