Control methods of fan light

           Fan lamp manufacturers have three different control methods: wall control, pull chain control, remote control. All three control methods can control the lights and fans separately, but wall control and remote control cannot be installed on one fan light at the same time. Most models are originally equipped with pull chain control, wall control and remote control are sold separately.

Wall control: The advantage is that it is affordable, convenient, and stable. It can turn on the ceiling fan or light when entering the door. The disadvantage is that it can not be used at the same time with the pull chain, so every time you switch, you must go to the wall control switch. The wall control can only control the lights on and off, and cannot be adjusted in multiple stages. (Note: The wall control of the ceiling fan must be installed with three wires, that is, two live wires and one neutral wire, and one set of wires can be installed without lights. It is suitable for public areas.)

Remote control: The advantage is that the fans and lamps can be adjusted freely in a wide range of 360 degrees within 10 meters, and it has a timing shutdown function. The disadvantage is that the remote control and the pull chain cannot be used at the same time. The remote control light switch can only be turned on and off, and can not be adjusted in multiple gears. Remote control is more expensive and less stable than wall control and pull chain. Suitable for living room and bedroom.

Pull chain control: The fan and the lights are controlled separately, each with a zipper, the middle zipper is to control the lights, the side zipper is to adjust the fan gear, the fan has three gears, and the switching sequence is: off–high speed–medium speed–Low speed, so cycle. The zipper is long enough. The zips attached to the ceiling fan are 50cm long, so don’t worry.

           Additional, how to use the forward and reverse switch? There is a push-type switch on the lamp holder. When the handle is pushed to the bottom, the fan is rotated in the forward direction, that is, the wind is blown downward in summer. When pushed to the top, the wind is blown in the reverse direction. Both forward and reverse rotations have high, medium and low gears.

Post time: Jan-03-2020